“Having lived through 2+ years of frozen shoulder issues with my left shoulder and never regaining full movement I was quick to research treatment options online when my right shoulder started hurting in a similar way. I found Dr. Bates on the frozenshoulder.com website and decide I would drive the 2 ½ hours to see him based on the reported success he has with shoulders. Dr. Bates listened intently during the initial consultation, explained his treatment plan and set about helping me. I was/am committed to not going through the full life cycle of a frozen shoulder as I have done with the left side. I made the drive once a week for 8 weeks and feel like the time and moneys was well spent. Dr. Bates continued to listen intently at each visit and tailored the treatment plan based on my progress and feedback. His suggestions for home treatment and exercise were doable and helpful. My range of motion has been restored, and pain minimized. I am confident that with continued stretching and exercise the shoulder will be pain free soon. Dr. Bates was totally committed to helping me and I feel fortunate to have found such a compassionate health care provider.”

Joe G.

“I was diagnosed with shoulder impingement in early September of 2013, I sought treatment from my regular doctor and from a chiropractor (not Dr. Bates). I took medications for swelling and pain, attended a shoulder class, had some regular adjustments, did lots of stretching and exercises, went to massage therapy, even tried cold laser therapy. By February 2014 my condition had deteriorated. I saw an orthopedist who re-diagnosed my problem as frozen shoulder.

Since the treatment I was receiving was not giving me results, I went on the Internet to see if I could get some more information on the condition and alternative treatments. I ran across the Neil-Asher method on the frozenshoulder.com website. The explanation of the condition and the proposed treatment (manipulating pressure points in a reverse order) made good sense. I found a few folks in my area that practiced the method. I researched and called a few before I decided to try Dr. Martin Bates at Bates Chiropractic in Fremont (Dr. Bates is Master Certified in the Neil-Asher method).

I have to admit I was a little skeptical when Dr. Bates said he could fix me in 6 visits but sure enough, the Neil-Asher treatments gave me incremental improvement after every visit. My mobility is pretty close to where it was before I started having problems. Dr. Bates and his assistant Donna are top notch. I have been to several chiropractors and I believe Dr. Bates is one of the best I have been to. I would use him again and highly recommend him.”

Chris R.

“I suffered loss of range of motion in my shoulders due to rotator cuff injuries; including a left shoulder impingement, as well as sciatic pain in my left leg. Now with treatment and stretching I do, I have nearly all range of motion and pain-free except at times when playing tennis. My sciatic pain is gone.

I have regained daily living skills adversely impacted by my rotator cuff injuries and enjoy more confidence on the tennis court knowing that my back is in alignment and shoulder range of motion is much better. Thanks Dr. Bates for all your excellent care and patience.”

Marie C.

” I believe in Chiropractic care immensely. Dr. Bates is, in my opinion, a great ambassador for Chiropractic care and a super practitioner. I love to jog and he helps me to keep running the race.”

Pastor E.

“I have been seeing Dr Bates for at least 25 years. He is a great Chiropractor and good friend. I would say that he is the best in the business!

We moved to Newman CA almost ten years ago. That is a one and a half hour drive from the Bay Area. Regardless of the miles, my family and I would not consider changing Chiropractors. He uses fabulous time management skills to fit around my family’s busy lifestyle and is always willing to work with our specific needs.

I give Dr. Bates and his lovely wife Donna a five star rating. You just can’t get any better! He keeps us on our feet and feeling great!”

Melissa C.

“I see Dr. Bates for low back and neck pain from various accidents. Improvements are learning how to manage the pain with both exercise and Chiropractic treatment from Dr. Bates. This helps me avoid medications.

I also feel more limber, sleep better, and have a much clearer focus on day to day projects.”

Valerie W.

“I had a neck reversal, high right shoulder, and low to mid back pain. Chiropractic has corrected all those problems and has improved my health and health consciousness IMMENSELY!

The Doctor and staff here are friendly and truly do care how you feel and take the extra time to let you know! There is a family atmosphere that makes the surroundings pleasant.”


“I first saw Dr. Bates for neck pain. A Kaiser Dr. recommended I see a Chiropractor and a friend who has been here – even my Aunt from Alaska was here once and she loved the care she got.

My neck no longer hurts and I can move better. Even my tendonitis in my right arm is better.”

Kari O.

“My original problem started with my sciatica pain which caused leg pain while I was working. My treatment with Chiropractic care through Dr. Bates helped me to stand straight and evenly-balanced. I do not experience leg pain or headaches like I used to.”

Linda K.

“I have had upper neck, arm problems (numbness & stiffness) along with headaches for 30 years after an accident. Chiropractic care has helped me maintain my pain better, avoid having neck surgery, and helps me cope with life better.

I am able to do everyday chores much easier, function at work better, and with less headaches and pain, I’m much nicer to others.

Dr. Bates’ office is great! His hands are a gift from God to help heal. Always available during all flare-ups!”

Delores N.